Monday, 2 November 2009

Fun Experience Being Canary Wharf Escorts

I had really enjoyed working as a Canary Wharf escort. I thought the recession was going to affect the demand from clients, but it did not actually put a dent on my business. I was still as popular as ever, being in high demand by all the bankers in the area. I really liked the people who worked in finance. Most of the clients I had were earning 6 digits salary and a ridiculous amount of bonus.

I often got taken out to nice dinners, drinking expensive champagnes, staying in their luxurious apartments over night, and sometimes accompanying them to their business trips overseas. I loved the business trips. Normally the clients would have to attend conference meetings during the day, when I was only too happy to oblige to go shopping with their credit cards. Of course this didn’t happen on a daily basis.

Only when I became one of the clients’ favorite Canary Wharf escorts so they would trust me to accompany them to an overseas trip. I would get to stay at five star hotels, sleeping in large king size beds with big down pillows. The clients usually got up early for work, but I got to sleep in until late mornings. I would then order myself some room service of a big breakfast which would arrive when I jumped out of the shower.

Everything was very chilled and relaxing when I could just take my time to spoil myself. I would then take my time to get dressed before I start my shopping spree in an exciting foreign city. Sometimes if I felt tired after shopping I would normally arrange a full body aromatherapy massage at the hotel spa. By the time the client had finished his meetings and work, it’s usually dinner time. I would then be all energized and recharged to spend time with him. The night usually started with oyster and champagne in a fancy restaurant.

I used to get quite nervous as I didn’t know much about banking and finance, but after a while I’d realized that most of my clients did not want to talk about work anyway. They enjoyed chatting about random interesting things. I was very good at making them laugh, which relaxed the atmosphere straight away and they all loved how they made me laugh too. It was important for me to be a good listener too, it often made the clients felt respected when you paid attention to what they had to say.

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