Monday, 19 October 2009

The Power of Having A London Escort At A Business Meeting

Unless you’re a creationist, you’ll probably agree that human beings have come quite a way from sitting round a fire roasting chunks of mammoth on sticks. It seems the more time that progresses, the more civilized we get. But there are some things no amount of evolution or civilisation will change.

And one of those unchangeable elements of humanity (of men especially) is the drive to engage in sex, to reproduce. Success at sex has carried positive implications of genetic continuation for as long as we’ve been able to do it, and directly translates to all round success.

While the idea of the human alpha male has faded since times of hunter gatherers, when a group of powerful men get together, even in the most formal of settings (sometimes even more so), there is certainly some traces of this instinct, of the desire to be seen as dominant or successful.

So it’s no surprise that many businessmen hire London escorts to accompany them to business meetings. Appearance is crucial, but also layered, and ranges from what you’re wearing to how you hold yourself to your reputation as a businessman. And when London escorts provide such a positive impact on appearance and subtly and subconsciously imply success, it’s no wonder that hiring a London escort is fast becoming an accepted norm at a business meeting, as accepted as wearing a smart suit.

Imagine you were attending a very important business meeting, one crucial to the success of your company. You make every effort to optimize your appearance; you wear your best suit, your nicest smelling cologne. But when you arrive you realize you are in a minority who have arrived alone. Fellow businessmen are walking around accompanied by beautiful London escorts.

While arriving without a London escort might not have as noticeable an impact as, say, arriving without a suit, it could not only damage your confidence at a point when confidence is crucial, but cause you to be noticed as someone lacking something, not an image you want to be projecting at a business meeting.

Hiring a London escort is fast becoming etiquette for businessmen attending meetings, and with such an easy method to improve their overall appearances, it’s little surprise. While hiring a London escort might not make or break the business meeting, it certainly improves the appearance of businessmen and gives them an extra boost of confidence at a time that places huge importance on confidence.

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