Monday, 30 November 2009

London Escort Incall

With the extensive exposure to sexually related materials on TV, Internet, magazines and other media, many men discover the joy of sex at a young age. Although some of them may not have a partner to fulfil their needs, there are other ways that can satisfy a human being's desire to be close with another human being.

Many men have discovered the joy of having the convenience of London escort agencies with incall services. It is understandable that sometimes people get lonely and needy for companionship from other people. With the service of escort London incall agencies, you can meet up with one of the beautiful London escorts at a venue that she provides. So if you are a gentleman that prefers to meet girls discreetly, or if you don't have a place where she can come to meet you, this is the perfect choice for you.

For example, Angus, a 19 year old freshman at university in London confided: 'I had just moved to London from Kent for university, and because I didn't know anyone in London, I moved in with my aunty and uncle for the time being.' ' As much as I had my own room, it was quite difficult for me to ever bring a girl home because my aunt and uncle are really conservative, religious Christians.' As a hot blooded teenager, Angus found himself getting physically and emotionally frustrated and could not concentrate in the lectures. His friends suggested that meeting up with someone from escort incall could put some ease to his mind.

'I was a little bit sceptical at the beginning, but then when I realised that everything would be done discreetly I felt a bit more relaxed. I arrived at the flat and it was so beautifully done, like a hotel room. The girl was very friendly and sweet with me, we chatted and laughed and had so much fun and I could feel a dramatic improve and a positive boost to my mind and body afterwards. The best thing was that it felt so simple and hassle free, after I walked out of her apartment I just felt very light and stress free.' It is unbelievable how much good it can do to have human contact, because human beings are social animals.

If you are a gentleman who would like to meet girls and make new friends but do not know where to go or do not want to disturb your other family members, London escort incall service will be just the right thing for you.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Busy Euston Road Station

One of the main London stations-Euston Station WC1, NW1, situated between the two postcodes, between St Pancras and Regent's Park. It is not to confuse Euston Square Station and Euston Station, these are two different stations although located within walking distance from one to another. Euston Station serves London Underground lines Northern Line (both Bank branch and Charing Cross branch) and Victoria Line, while Euston Square station serves three different lines; Circle Line, Metropolitan Line and Hammersmith and City Line.

Euston Station is also a major railway station that provides trains to North West, West Midlands, North Wales, and Scotland. As the first inter city station built in London, the original station opened in 1837. In 1961-1962 the building was demolished and replaced by a new building in 1968 to accommodate the many train lines and services it provides. The modern station is a low and long structure that's populated with shops and eateries, and over 200 car park spaces.

In 2007, the 1960s building was once again demolished to update and keep up with the intensive train lines, services and travellers. British Land won the tender of the project, and planned to spend £250 million on the redevelopment of the station and £1 billion on the development of the whole area. The number of platforms were going to increase from 18-21.

Located on Euston Road WC1, NW1 but on the south of Euston Station sit the Euston Square Station is also a London Underground Station, different to Euston Station, it serves Circle Line, Metropolitan Line, and Hammersmith & City Line. Situated on the corner of Euston Road and Gower Street, Euston Square Station is also just across the road on the east of Warren Street Underground Station which provides Northern Line Charing Cross Branch service.

If you are a visitor to London and are staying in this area near Euston Road WC1, NW1, you might find the immediate areas around the station are a bit quiet and you may find it difficult to entertain yourself. One good way is to treat yourself to some gorgeous Euston Road escorts, a group of local ladies who are keen to meet new people. There are more bars and restaurants in Tottenham Court Road, which is running south from Warren Street Station, reachable by foot in 10 minutes. So treat yourself to some lovely time meeting new girls, enjoy your night with your beautiful escorts from Euston Road.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Working As A High Class London Escorts

A few weeks ago I caught up with a school friend for coffee. I hadn't seen her for over six years since we left school, and there was obviously a lot to catch up on. We gossipped about school friends, talked about past relationships and boys, and what we had been doing since we left school. I had finished a part time computer science course at a night time school while working as a receptionist at the local accounting firm during the day. My friend on the other hand, had been a lot more adventurous with her career options. She chose to work in retail after she left school; she started working in an exclusive underwear shop in Knightsbridge, selling expensive underwear to upmarket clients and Middle Eastern visitors. She explained to me that the shop was dimly lit with crystal chandeliers, and decorated with leather couches and animal furs. All the customers were served with Champagne as they shopped, and she had to wear uniform that was a set of silk Kimono that had black and gold embroidered landscape across the chest and waist. The room had to be perfumed at all times, and the atmosphere was always calm, sensual, and seductive.

From that job she learnt extensive amount of professional skills and customer services. She grew rapidly within the business and very quickly built up a solid client base. After a couple of years with the company, she was promoted to become one of the managers running the flagship store. Meanwhile, in her spare time, she was approached by some respectful clients, and pursued another career path of becoming a high class London escort.

As an exclusive London escort, she had the luxury to choose who to see and when to see them. Her main 'duties' mainly included dinner dates, theatre, movies, opera, and other night time entertainment. She described the experience as growing up from a little duckling to a beautiful swan. She was often showered with beautiful gifts; designer clothes, accessories, bags, jewellery, and was wined and dined at Michelin rated restaurants. Her social life had become increasingly interesting, and her knowledge of the social scenes such as the rich and famous and celebrities had also increased from zero to hero. I am not encouraging anyone to do it as a career, but what she had told me had definitely changed my perception of the London escort industry. I am now more intrigued than ever about working as a London escort...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Divorce Rate Is On The Rise

Last weekend I went to visit an old friend in Paris. She had just started dating a divorced man, and everything was still so passionate and exciting. The two of them were snogging each other's faces off at dinner, which made me wonder how one could fall in love, get married, then get divorced and meet someone else and fall in love again... In this case, I was referring to my friend's new beau. He was married for nine years, had two kids, and had just separated from his wife for two months, and found himself madly in love with my friend.

In his late 30s, working as a director in one of the major American banks in foreign trades, this man is definitely a good catch. Married young, divorced young. What's worse was I met a lot of his friends at his house party, and most of them were all divorced too. I got curious, so I started chatting with Mark, an I.T. consultant in his early 40s who had also recently left his wife of ten years. Mark was one of those typical charming French men who talked with a lot of hand movements and cigarettes. He had three gorgeous daughters, whom he proudly showed pictures of on his mobile phone, but now he only saw them once every two weeks. He obviously loved his daughters dearly, but was sad that he lost custody after the divorce. I cautiously asked him the reasons for his failed marriage, and to my surprise, he straight forwardly told me that the reason why he left his ex-wife was because he simply wanted to sleep with other women.

Was that a good enough reason to leave your wife and three kids? I personally did not agree, but it definitely made me look at marriage more realistically. The whole concept of marriage in my opinion is a huge commitment, it is when you find the 'one' that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with. The idea is beautiful in theory, but highly unrealistic especially in today's society. People are not as restricted to religious and social pressures anymore, and getting divorced has become as easy as getting married. There can be numerous causes for a broken marriage, but in Mark's case, I probably would have dealt with my man hormones differently instead of getting a divorce.

Participate in new sports or outdoor activities is a good way to work off extra energy and to help your body release endorphin. Depending on your personal interests, but picking up a few new hobbies can also distract you from what may seem like a boring married life. It is common for many men to fall into a routine life style, and that's when you may feel the urge to branch out and experience something new. If however what you really need is the excitement of being with another women, why not try dating escorts instead. Female escorts are usually physically beautiful women who provide companionship and entertainment with no strings attached. A few things to try before you call it quit.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Clients Buying Things For Escorts

A lot of men who hire an escort and who are thoroughly impressed with the services she provides tend to develop close bonds with the girl. These relationships can arise from different things. Imagine an old man, divorced perhaps, and very wealthy, notices one pretty young girl from a selection of blonde escorts he is looking through. He decides to hire her.

He might become very quickly attached to this blonde escort, perhaps even dependent on her company. If he has little contact with other people, no friends or family, this girl might soon become the only company he has. And to associate the huge and vital idea of company with one pretty blonde escort, he might soon develop strong bonds of genuine affection towards her.

And if he is very wealthy, one method of projecting affection towards his only companion would be to buy her gifts. With no one else to spend money on save himself, the escort might soon find herself laden with gifts, anything from flowers to jewellery to cars. It is not unheard of that some men leave a great amount of wealth to their escort in their will.

With the pretty escorts blondes make, it would be very easy for a lonely man to fall head over heels for her. And what is more flattering than being showered with gifts? But to know that you are a person’s only company, to watch them becoming more and more dependent on you, and eventually start showering you in their wealth might be a lot to deal with for some.

So if the above mentioned girl, who became an escort to help pay the bills, suddenly finds herself the centre of a client’s world, it might be too difficult for her, she might have a partner outside of work and not feel up for receiving this kind of devotion.

If she is offered a gift, perhaps an expensive piece of jewellery, and she refuses because she doesn’t want to lead the client on, she could hurt the already vulnerable client. But if she accepts, she could be implying a degree of companionship she might not feel comfortable offering.

It might be too much to deal with for this specific blonde escort, but some escorts, blonde or not, are quite happy to provide the degree of companionship certain clients desire, and see being showered in gifts a bonus for them as well as an outlet for the more wealthy and lonely clients.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Why Harrow Escorts Are So Popular

Harrow is based in North West London, outside the centre of the city. Many people prefer to live on the outskirts instead of in the centre because the pace of life is less hectic; there is still plenty of amenities nearby but not so much of the hustle and bustle that London is overcome with. There are still public transport links into the city, such as 'Harrow on the Hill' underground station on the Metropolitan line.

There is one past time that the male residents of Harrow share with those in London; their love for a woman's companionship. Harrow escorts are much sought after to provide their excellent company to the local gentlemen. Escorts in Harrow have a variety of clients; gentlemen who live in Harrow, some who work there and some who are just visiting. There is no particular type of man who likes the company of Harrow escorts - they see family men, single guys, business men and aristocrats alike. However, you don't have to be a wealthy or upper class gentleman to enjoy the pleasure of a Harrow escort's company; our rates are so competitive that any man can afford the privilege.

Harrow is probably most notable for having the school that was attended by Winston Churchill, one of Britain's most famous Prime Ministers. The Indian Prime Minister 'Nehru' was also a pupil here. Located here is a large campus for the University of Westminster, attracting students from all over the country and from abroad. As the name suggests, the Headquarters for the University are in fact in Westminster, on Regent Street.

Harrow escorts are renowned for being beautiful, friendly and accommodating. They can easily adapt to any social situation and will turn a grey day into a great day. Some escort agencies have professional drivers who can bring your Harrow escort right to your door, whether it's at your home or in a hotel. For those agencies that have an all round good service, the transport will be included in your quoted price so you can sit back and look forward to the lovely lady's arrival! It can give you a real lift when life is feeling a bit mundane or monotonous - this exciting change in your routine will be a welcome one.

If you are interested in spending time with Harrow escorts, there are opportunities all around you. The easiest way to go about it is to browse online for agencies in your local area; they will be able to tell you which ladies are available to see you and what time you can see them.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


The city of London can be a dangerous place for a woman. London escorts can be especially at risk, as they are meeting gentlemen clients who they know nothing about. There are certain things that girls can do to make their job as a London escort much safer.


Although you don't make quite as much money per hour as an independent escort, working through an agency is a safer option. Reputable escort agencies will have a list of black listed clients; men who regularly use London escorts but either turn abusive, refuse to pay or treat the lady badly are recorded so that no more girls can be sent to him. Independent escorts would not have this inside information and would have to find out the hard way. Escort agencies also know exactly where you are and who you are with at all times whilst working. Working independently can be very dangerous; you do not have any of this protection.


Those who drive for London escorts often double up as security. Your driver will take you to the appointment and wait outside for the duration. If there is any trouble, he can come inside and take you home. Private drivers are safer than using public transport, where there would be no trace of where you had gone. Escort agencies usually provide drivers for you as part of the service.


London escorts come into contact new people every day, so must be careful not to catch or spread illnesses. Taking extra vitamin C can boost your immune system to avoid common colds, but if you are ill you should take time off until your symptoms disappear. If a client is obviously ill, be polite and friendly but try not to get breathe in their breath. Have regular health checks yourself you you can ensure you are fit and well.


Your address should always be kept private from clients. If you want to work as an incall escort, work in a place seperate from where you live. It is safer to work as an outcall escort so you can simply visit the client at their address. In the past, London escorts have had problems with stalkers and persistant clients knowing where they live; avoid all harrassment by keeping your home a secret.