Monday, 23 November 2009

Working As A High Class London Escorts

A few weeks ago I caught up with a school friend for coffee. I hadn't seen her for over six years since we left school, and there was obviously a lot to catch up on. We gossipped about school friends, talked about past relationships and boys, and what we had been doing since we left school. I had finished a part time computer science course at a night time school while working as a receptionist at the local accounting firm during the day. My friend on the other hand, had been a lot more adventurous with her career options. She chose to work in retail after she left school; she started working in an exclusive underwear shop in Knightsbridge, selling expensive underwear to upmarket clients and Middle Eastern visitors. She explained to me that the shop was dimly lit with crystal chandeliers, and decorated with leather couches and animal furs. All the customers were served with Champagne as they shopped, and she had to wear uniform that was a set of silk Kimono that had black and gold embroidered landscape across the chest and waist. The room had to be perfumed at all times, and the atmosphere was always calm, sensual, and seductive.

From that job she learnt extensive amount of professional skills and customer services. She grew rapidly within the business and very quickly built up a solid client base. After a couple of years with the company, she was promoted to become one of the managers running the flagship store. Meanwhile, in her spare time, she was approached by some respectful clients, and pursued another career path of becoming a high class London escort.

As an exclusive London escort, she had the luxury to choose who to see and when to see them. Her main 'duties' mainly included dinner dates, theatre, movies, opera, and other night time entertainment. She described the experience as growing up from a little duckling to a beautiful swan. She was often showered with beautiful gifts; designer clothes, accessories, bags, jewellery, and was wined and dined at Michelin rated restaurants. Her social life had become increasingly interesting, and her knowledge of the social scenes such as the rich and famous and celebrities had also increased from zero to hero. I am not encouraging anyone to do it as a career, but what she had told me had definitely changed my perception of the London escort industry. I am now more intrigued than ever about working as a London escort...

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