Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Divorce Rate Is On The Rise

Last weekend I went to visit an old friend in Paris. She had just started dating a divorced man, and everything was still so passionate and exciting. The two of them were snogging each other's faces off at dinner, which made me wonder how one could fall in love, get married, then get divorced and meet someone else and fall in love again... In this case, I was referring to my friend's new beau. He was married for nine years, had two kids, and had just separated from his wife for two months, and found himself madly in love with my friend.

In his late 30s, working as a director in one of the major American banks in foreign trades, this man is definitely a good catch. Married young, divorced young. What's worse was I met a lot of his friends at his house party, and most of them were all divorced too. I got curious, so I started chatting with Mark, an I.T. consultant in his early 40s who had also recently left his wife of ten years. Mark was one of those typical charming French men who talked with a lot of hand movements and cigarettes. He had three gorgeous daughters, whom he proudly showed pictures of on his mobile phone, but now he only saw them once every two weeks. He obviously loved his daughters dearly, but was sad that he lost custody after the divorce. I cautiously asked him the reasons for his failed marriage, and to my surprise, he straight forwardly told me that the reason why he left his ex-wife was because he simply wanted to sleep with other women.

Was that a good enough reason to leave your wife and three kids? I personally did not agree, but it definitely made me look at marriage more realistically. The whole concept of marriage in my opinion is a huge commitment, it is when you find the 'one' that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with. The idea is beautiful in theory, but highly unrealistic especially in today's society. People are not as restricted to religious and social pressures anymore, and getting divorced has become as easy as getting married. There can be numerous causes for a broken marriage, but in Mark's case, I probably would have dealt with my man hormones differently instead of getting a divorce.

Participate in new sports or outdoor activities is a good way to work off extra energy and to help your body release endorphin. Depending on your personal interests, but picking up a few new hobbies can also distract you from what may seem like a boring married life. It is common for many men to fall into a routine life style, and that's when you may feel the urge to branch out and experience something new. If however what you really need is the excitement of being with another women, why not try dating escorts instead. Female escorts are usually physically beautiful women who provide companionship and entertainment with no strings attached. A few things to try before you call it quit.

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