Monday, 16 November 2009

Clients Buying Things For Escorts

A lot of men who hire an escort and who are thoroughly impressed with the services she provides tend to develop close bonds with the girl. These relationships can arise from different things. Imagine an old man, divorced perhaps, and very wealthy, notices one pretty young girl from a selection of blonde escorts he is looking through. He decides to hire her.

He might become very quickly attached to this blonde escort, perhaps even dependent on her company. If he has little contact with other people, no friends or family, this girl might soon become the only company he has. And to associate the huge and vital idea of company with one pretty blonde escort, he might soon develop strong bonds of genuine affection towards her.

And if he is very wealthy, one method of projecting affection towards his only companion would be to buy her gifts. With no one else to spend money on save himself, the escort might soon find herself laden with gifts, anything from flowers to jewellery to cars. It is not unheard of that some men leave a great amount of wealth to their escort in their will.

With the pretty escorts blondes make, it would be very easy for a lonely man to fall head over heels for her. And what is more flattering than being showered with gifts? But to know that you are a person’s only company, to watch them becoming more and more dependent on you, and eventually start showering you in their wealth might be a lot to deal with for some.

So if the above mentioned girl, who became an escort to help pay the bills, suddenly finds herself the centre of a client’s world, it might be too difficult for her, she might have a partner outside of work and not feel up for receiving this kind of devotion.

If she is offered a gift, perhaps an expensive piece of jewellery, and she refuses because she doesn’t want to lead the client on, she could hurt the already vulnerable client. But if she accepts, she could be implying a degree of companionship she might not feel comfortable offering.

It might be too much to deal with for this specific blonde escort, but some escorts, blonde or not, are quite happy to provide the degree of companionship certain clients desire, and see being showered in gifts a bonus for them as well as an outlet for the more wealthy and lonely clients.

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